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The Lynching of Mack Charles Parker

He was an African-American who had been confined to the Pearl River County Jail in Poplarville after being charged with the rape of a pregnant white woman on or about February 23, 1959, on Highway 11

The Lynching of L. Q. Ivy

Seventy-five years ago, a 17-year-old was lynched in Union County. If L.Q. Ivy had lived, today he would be 94 years old – the same age as his sister-in-law, Mattie Ivy Bruce, who clearly rememb

The Lynching of John Carter

In early May 1927, Little Rock (Pulaski County) experienced a wave of mob violence surrounding the lynching of an African American named John Carter. This lynching and the rioting that followed is one

The lynching of Anthony Crawford

Doria Johnson, great-great granddaughter of Anthony Crawford recounts his lynching and the effect it had on the lives of his descendants.

Stalking the Angel of Death - The Lynching Calendar

This blog records the anniversary of death dates for African Americans lynched in the United States of America from 1865 to 1965 – the Lynching Century.

The legend of Willie Earle

The gruesome death of Willie Earle served as proof to at least one life motto, said James Shannon: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Shannon, editor of “The Beat,” presented res

The Last Lynching

Strom Thurmond had been at home in the governor’s mansion less than a month when the phone rang early on the morning of Feb. 17, 1947, with the chilling news. There had been a lynching in Picke

The Jesse Washington Lynching

Of the 492 lynchings that occurred in Texas between 1882 and 1930, the incident that perhaps received the greatest notoriety, both statewide and nationally, was the mutilation and burning of an illite

Strange Fruit

Americans look at other countries and deem them immoral for killing their own people (Germany, Rwanda, Kosovo, Bosnia, etc.) The “ethnic cleansing” referred to as lynching, took place in U

Strange Fruit: Anniversary Of A Lynching

Eighty years ago, two young African-American men, Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, were lynched in the town center of Marion, Ind. The night before, on Aug. 6, 1930, they had been arrested and charged wi

Spectacle: The lynching of Claude Neal

Claude Neal, who was accused of raping and murdering a white woman, was dragged from his jail cell and tortured and killed on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. The corpse was mutilated by a mob, t

Six Negroes Dead After Battle With Citizen’s Posse

June 1-Sarah Cabiness, negress, and her sons, George, Pete, Cute, Tenola and Lena are dead and her daughter, Bess, is fatally wounded, as the result of a shooting affray in the Dodge neighborhood in t