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How a Nearly Successful Slave Revolt Was Intentionally Lost to History

Two hundred and five years ago, on the night of January 8, 1811, more than 500 enslaved people took up arms in one of the largest slave rebellions in U.S. history. They carried cane knives (used to ha

Jan. 8, 1811: Louisiana’s Heroic Slave Revolt

One of the most suppressed and hidden stories of African and African American history is the story of the 1811 Slave Revolt. The aim of the revolt was the establishment of an independent republic, a B

America’s Largest Slave Revolt

The German Coast Uprising of 1811 under the leadership of Charles Deslandes (1780 -15 January 1811) has evaded the attention of most historians. It is unclear if Deslondes was a free man of color born

The Slave Rebellion Website

This is an educational website dedicated to provide resources and information for teachers, scholars and the general public on role that enslaved Africans played in the making of America through their

Cherokee Slave Revolt of 1842

Black slavery in America usually evokes images of the antebellum South, but few realize that members of the Five Civilized Tribes–the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles–

The Amistad Case

In February of 1839, Portuguese slave hunters abducted a large group of Africans from Sierra Leone and shipped them to Havana, Cuba, a center for the slave trade. This abduction violated all of the tr

The Amistad Slave Rebellion

On July 2, 1839, 53 captive Africans aboard the Amistad, a slave schooner, broke out of their chains and stealthily snuck up to the main deck, where they killed two crewmembers and disarmed the rest.

The Amistad Case, 1839

When the Spanish cargo schooner La Amistad came aground off the coast of Long Island, New York in August 1839, the United States found itself with an explosive legal and diplomatic case that would pit

Longview Texas Race Riot of 1919

The Longview Race Riot occurred during the Red Summer, as May to October of 1919 has been called. It was the second of twenty-five major racial conflicts that occurred throughout the United States dur

Longview Race Riot

The Longview Race Riot refers to a series of violent incidents in Longview, Texas, between July 10 and July 12, 1919, when whites attacked black areas of town, killed one black man, and burned down se

Springfield race riot of 1908

The Springfield race riot of 1908 was a mass civil disturbance in Springfield, Illinois, United States on August 14 and 15, 1908, sparked by the arrest of two African Americans as suspects in violent

Rebellion - John Horse and the Black Seminoles

Explore the story of John Horse and the Black Seminoles, the first black rebels to beat American slavery and leaders of the largest slave rebellion in U.S. history—an original history written &